Structured Innovation is NOT an oxymoron

Avatar Picture of DaynaWhen we solve inventive-level problems the human brain goes through a series of procedural steps. Because this ‘strategy and process of invention’ has been studied for decades, innovation has become structured, as odd as that seems.

Most people have breakthroughs so quickly they are completely unaware of their own mental processes. But the fact remains, every one of us solves tough problems with a strategy and process whether we are aware of that process or not. All of us do it; and we follow the process every time we solve tough problems. Read More

Pioneer Thinking versus Entitlement

Avatar Picture of DaynaPioneer Thinking (.wmv)

I know I often write about psychological inertia (PI) and the problems it creates, but today I want to talk about how PI can be beneficial in some cases and detrimental in other cases.  As Americans, we used to embrace some PI that was great (the pioneering spirit) and I fear we are in danger of losing it – replacing it – overwriting it with something new (a system of entitlement).

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