Your strategic leader announces a new high-value initiative

with the potential to generate amazing growth and market domination

But when you follow the money, too many of these launches (a few years later) quietly fail to deliver any significant results.

Why does this happen? Research shows one reoccurring reason. Now I’m going to surprise you. It’ NOT for a lack of great ideas. 

90% of the companies

...that bring us in to work with them already invest in strategic marketing experts, employee empowerment, or customer polling. The vast majority of companies that bring us in already have full-fledged business development programs. They employ NPD teams, M&A teams, teams for developing new business models or value chains and for disruptive planning. They are already doing this.

But when they look at their numbers...

They are still not getting where they want to be despite everything they are ALREADY doing. That’s why they bring us in. (Now granted, they’re not failing by any stretch of the imagination; but they tell us they aren’t building the legacy they envisioned either.)

3 Vital Keys to Succeed (repeatedly) In Business & Make Huge Contributions

Here’s the thing: All you have to do is tweak your current processes to move your strategic ideas all the way through your current business infrastructure. These key pieces you absolutely must understand to make sure your employees have what they need to keep great STRATEGIC ideas viable all the way to success.

We will share with you some of the insights from our meetings with executives & our research on this topic (moving strategy into action so it delivers the ROI you predicted) It's a 30-minute phone call about some really interesting insights that come out of our work with an organization that was having a very typical problem, and there is insights that might be applicable. We’ll give you a couple of ideas, some things we’re doing with clients on this issue. This meeting is about you; if it turns into a really great conversation and you want to talk about all of the ways we can help you at some point, we should do that in another conversation. That's not the purpose of this one.

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If your strategies always translate into actionable plans that deliver expected ROI then this is not an issue for your organization. If, however, your project team is poised to deliver only incremental improvements again (keeping the cash cow plugging along but there is really no innovation), we would love to be the first expert you call.

We love to sit down with strategic leaders when a biz unit's new product pipeline is emptying out - that's a time when we can be very useful.

Some of the most effective uses of our services are when a product line hits growth targets but a 2-year slump always follows, or if margin against investments is <4:1, or if a BU Manager resorts to "saving their way" to hitting growth numbers instead of developing breakthroughs. If your new product success rate is ~10% or if you're having trouble recruiting the correct talent because the work is incremental (not cutting-edge and, let's face it, not that exciting), then that is a good time to call us in.

But the most urgent scenario is if you have already abandoned 1 market segment and are considering 2 or 3 more due to cutthroat competition … even if they are not saying it … let’s be clear, if you are losing market segments then you have an innovation problem!

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DISCOVERY DAY: We walk around and observe you, processes, and teams and then give you expert feedback on what we observed and where we see opportunities for improvement. STRATEGY DAY: Our expert(s) spend 1 day with your leadership team to figure out what your strategic  executive plan is going to be. STAKEHOLDER INTERVIEWS: No more than 7 internal stakeholder interviews to discover perspectives, insights, frustrations, opportunities, and stakeholders wish-list for change. You gain expert insights from an outsider’s point of view to illuminate blind spots & potential quick wins. INTERNAL POWER BREAKFAST: If you are launching a new strategic initiative in the next 30 to 45 days, I recommend we speak privately so we can provide you with a few additional insights and recommendations that are specific to your particular situation. Let us know if you’d like to do that. INTERNAL ERT: Our clients bring us in to ignite conversations between decision-makers (what’s new, what's next, and what's not widely known) in a mutual quest for insights and to get driven professionals & leaders on the same page about growth and societal benefit. We've listened very closely to executives (non-competing) we've been talking to and we've heard things that could be key for your leaders. So, we'd like to provide those insights to you if you are interested in having those. ASSESSMENT: An in-depth on-site neutral 3rd party discovery with some problem-solving along the way.

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So, if any of those things are true for you, or even if they are not NOW, we’d love to have a conversation with you about how we could help your organization if (or when) that time comes. Because I can tell you that by the time a pipeline is 2 quarters from emptying out, or your NPD success rate is only 10%, or if you have already abandoned one market segment and are considering dropping another, that is NOT a great time to go out into the market to try find someone like us. It’s better if we take some time now to get to know one another and we can be on speed dial if you ever need us.

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