“Safety Under Construction is your must-read for this year. I have worked with Innovation Scientific on several projects, and this may be their best work yet. They have delivered a practical approach to make safety the focal point of your business. They have clearly diffused the myth that safety is in the way of profits and performance and show how innovation and safety provide the desired gains. I recommend this book to leaders and … anyone that wants to understand the underlying process of how to create and recreate powerful industry scale solutions.”

Dana W. Clarke Sr., CEO and President FORBES List of Best Mgmt. Consulting Firms, Certified TRIZ Specialist, Certified Organizational Engineer @ Applied Innovation Alliance, Inc.

“I had exhausting all avenues and was totally frustrated – just sitting at my desk working on other things because I didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered you guys said that I should call you when I thought something was impossible. Now I gotta admit, when you said that to me, I thought, Yeah, right. But now, that’s just what I was thinking and I was tired of my stomach churning so I called. After working with you, I had clear direction on next steps that led me straight to the answer. The answer was there all along and I just really, could NOT see it!”

Sandra Aguiar, Systems Analyst Change Agent, Process Improvement Professional @ Cisco Systems

“Thank you for acting in my best interests and for being honest, dependable and caring. Innovation Scientific has been such a blessing to me!! I feel grateful and honored to work with you. I consider you a part of my team (together we’re all a family!) and am looking forward to a long relationship with many successful projects together. And even though you have been the best possible mentor, best of all, you have become a great friend.”

Trenee’ Zweigle, CEO and President Entreprenuer, Registered Nurse, Critical Care Registered Nurse @ Happy Smiles For Kids

“I have managed many construction crews and sometimes you face a critical moment where the quality of your field-call affects lives and a successful project outcome. So much is riding on what decision you make in that moment! … The whole idea of building safety into process, like quality, is a very important idea… This is a visionary approach to see how safety, profits and process can work together.”

Ophir Orr, Construction Manager Professional Engineer, PMP, Mechanical Engineer, @ Renewable Energy, Power Generation Sector