Mastery of change is essential. Competitive leadership means continuously adapting to change, navigating power shifts, and sensing resistances to initiatives. Change always creates problems that must be handled now.

Change Leadership: Our facilitators are skilled at modeling, teaching and leading the social & psychological arcs of the change process through the lens of innovation. Our tools incorporate naturally into your current programs, habits & processes. Our Inventive Change Leadership process makes positive use of resistance so it is transformed and relevant. It also makes problem-solving a critical organizational habit.

Envisioning the Future: There are patterns to how technology evolves. Together we use this to envision many possible futures for client organization based on their unique core competencies. In this way clients find their most advantageous competitive position (the one most likely to succeed). Also, clients can identify early disruptive influences within their industry and predict competitor responses, which makes countering competitive claims easier and enables clients to achieve strategic marketplace influences of their choosing.

Strategic Opportunity Leadership: There is a cost to not leading change. Most organizations do not realize this or account for it. For example, inventors of the GUI interface & early web browser both understood their inventions had value, but both were unable to convince management to develop the opportunity. In so doing, the companies lost the technology to newcomers and the opportunity. Leaders today must learn to recognize when an opportunity has significant potential and construct a strategic path to the customer.