Dr. Hiremath has a long history of excellence in education, in engineering quality, and in mentoring a drive to greatness in others. His father helped develop a high caliber of engineering education across India and Mahantesh works to carry on that tradition. As a Distinguished Engineer at Space Systems Loral, Dr. Hiremath tutored young engineers to "think first", search for better analysis techniques, and counseled to analyze correctly the  first time.

He is an Adjunct Faculty member at Santa Clara University, teaching Civil and Mechanical Engineering courses: Statics, Dynamics, Mechanical Vibrations and Structural Dynamics.

Dr. Hiremath earned his own degrees at Ohio State University in Civil Engineering with emphasis on Engineering Mechanics. Continually learning, he was Professional Development Director of Finite Element Analysis for ASME and also completed a Systems Engineering Certificate from Stanford University.


Dr. Mahantesh Hiremath has an eye and ear for both short-term tactics and long-term policy. He was appointed US Congressional Fellow in Washington D.C. where he helped with making policy assisting the Committee on Science, Space & Technology of the US House of Representatives. He loves studying energy & environmental issues/policies in his spare time and enjoys writing legislation, preparing briefings, drafting position papers, op-editorials, and summaries for technical topics as well as summarizing budget proposals and prepping for hearings. Dr. Hiremath spends considerable time promoting awareness in STEM education, cost of education and workforce development. In his technical duties, he ensures safe handling of spacecraft (Chair, Spacecraft Move Committee), served on the Verification Control Board and as Consultant for Mission Assurance & Legislative Affairs, Dr. Hiremath helps the Bus. Development team gain U.S. Government contracts. Mahantesh has also served on the The ASME Board of Governors in New York where, among other tasks, he helped establish policies and procedures for the governance of the international society. In 2020 Dr. Hiremath was elected ASME President - stewarding the 140+ year old organization with 100,000+ members.

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Mahantesh Hiremath served on ASME's Board of Governors - the international organization's highest decision making body (setting strategic direction & determining appropriate organizational performance). He was selected as a Fellow in 2010. As the ASME District Leader he led 33 sections and 78 Student Sections. As the Silicon Valley section Chair, Mahantesh ran the nation's highest ranking section, worked to make it fully self-funded and entrepreneurial, and won the "Most Engaged Section" award every year world-wide. Dr. Hiremath ran the ASME  Professional Development FEA (Finite Element Analysis) program for District D for a number of years as a Director and he mentored 100’s of engineering seniors and early-career engineers - shaping the careers of young professionals. Dr. Hiremath was an ASME Congressional Fellow, worked as ASME/AAAS Science and Technology Fellow, is a Senior Member of AIAA, is a member of INCOSE, and a Professional Engineer (Civil) in California.


Dr. Mahantesh Hiremath is one of the top 5 in the world to have designed and engineered systems in four environments – deep underground, off-shore, on-ground and in space. He's been a Program/Project Manager for over 30 years. He enjoys both the "roll up your sleeves" technical work and policy making. Some of his major tech areas of contribution include: Satellite Design/Development/Integration/ Testing, Systems Engineering, Product Development, Structural Dynamics, computer-aided design and analysis, Sine, Random, Acoustic and Shock Testing, FEA, Space Systems Verification & Validation, and Risk Analysis & Mitigation and Providing expert opinions to Mission Assurance and System Effectiveness organizations. A few of the aerospace companies Dr. Hiremath has worked with are Space Systems Loral, Stellar Solutions, and Northrop Grumman Corporation.


Mahantesh loves cricket and has been know to watch the long matches (a 5-day game is not considered that long) and while in Washington, DC, he snuck in a few Nationals baseball games between prepping the congressman and congresswomen.

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