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What Serial Innovators Know about Fear

Judith E. Glaser blogged at the Huffington Post, “Innovate or Evaporate” This is a good article about innovation (click on her name above to read the whole article, it’s good) but I have one disagreement her statements about fear limiting … Continue reading

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Serial Innovators – what type of person are they?

Contrary to popular belief, genius innovators are not one particular type of personality. If you want a clear example of this, compare Thomas Alva Edison and Nickola Tesla!  In fact, innovative people come in all personality types. And I’ll even … Continue reading

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Solar Energy Creates Quite a Firestorm

Wow, my comments on solar energy really upset some people. They thought I entirely bypassed the largest single issue related to the viability of solar power as a significant contributor to our “power portfolio”, which was: how much energy per … Continue reading

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Innovator’s View of Best Practices 1

PART ONE IN A SERIES – Let’s start with the basics. Survival is a human’s main motivating force. Note: Survival is an organization’s main motivating force, too. Like humans, organizations do what they must do to survive. Because humans are … Continue reading

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In large & fragmented orgs how can you embed an innovation culture?

Recently the question went out: In large organisations (i.e., with more than 10,000 employees working in a wide range of departments and functions) how can you truly embed an innovation culture? The best answer I read was by Richard Campbell … Continue reading

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Pioneer Thinking versus Entitlement

Pioneer Thinking (.wmv) I know I often write about psychological inertia (PI) and the problems it creates, but today I want to talk about how PI can be beneficial in some cases and detrimental in other cases.  As Americans, we used … Continue reading

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