Innovation Consulting

Problem-Solving and Innovation

Human brains follow a process when we invent – there are patterns to invention. We know these brain patterns. We step your experts through the methodology to solve “seemingly impossible” problems. Patentable ideas and unique business models that provide value over the long-term tend to evolve in natural and predictable ways if you understand these human brain patterns. This is our area of expertise.  

Most people do not realize that innovation has been quietly developing into a structured and scientific discipline. Based on 60+ years of research and organizing cognitive functions, problem-solving has become systematic, teachable, and reliable. We offer our clients three different consulting modalities.

Team-Based & Multi-Disciplinary

Complex technology and business problems often require input from multiple scientific and business teams. Teams participating in these sessions bring their own “unsolveable” problems that have an important impact on their organization. They learn Basic Innovation Skills while observing and directly experiencing the mindsets & behaviors of an professional innovator in order to deliver breakthrough results. This makes the training highly relevant. While in-session the team learns how to create solutions that align with company strategy and how to leverage the power of multi-disciplinary expertise. Participants simultaneously improve their fundamentals, solve complex problems and ensure implementability of those solution, and become valuable resources for the organization going forward.

Inventive Problem-Solving Service
Many organizations are facing extraordinary pressures: increasing productivity demands with fewer resources, employee resist change, there is intense competition within rapidly developing technology and service offerings. Based on your diverse technology needs, you provide a project lead to give us direction and we resolve the issue and report back (we work; you succeed). With minimal interaction, we deliver solutions to your most urgent technology problems that are congruent with your company’s core capabilities.

Highly-Constrained Problem-Solving Service
Working with your project lead (or your team) we solve problems with many constraining factors: regulations, standards, organizational, political, cultural, social and technological. This approach is advisable for complex industries such as automotive, defense, aerospace, & government where breakthrough results are needed that minimally affect infrastructure, require low investment, while fully addressing all constraints. This is innovation “inside-the-box”.


All people and organizations have problems. Professionals who can envision solutions don’t need us. If, however, clients have a seemingly “unsolvable” problem – complex and vexing – that’s when they contact us because these types of challenges require an additional level of inventive capability.

Your team will learn to use systems-thinking to identify the vital few factors that lead to effective solutions and performance. No matter what your business discipline or scale of influence, our method unifies critical information and creates a common language and scientific approach. It integrates perfectly with all existing initiatives and tool-sets so you can easily serve your organization’s needs at any level: individual, team, departmental, company, markets and economies.

We can make this claim because we have successfully applied our skills to a diverse range of business and technology dilemmas from the individual level to entrenched industry obstacles. Respond to economic pressures effectively, find hidden opportunities, leverage the power of teams, reduce resistance, develop synergies, and deliver exceptional results at an accelerated pace – and do it all in a rational way.