We Offer Consulting Services, Training, and Certification Services

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Our areas of expertise are:   

  • Structured Problem-Solving and Innovation
    • Change Management in conjunction to solutions so they are accepted
  • Leadership Training
  • System / Process Improvement

Consulting Models

  • R&D: client details issue, we solve it
    • The R&D deliverable is the explicit objective.
  • Team-based: We work with client teams to detail issue and solve it
    • Deliver the explicit objective,
    • Transfer basic knowledge / capabilities, and
    • Seamlessly integrate the deliverables into the organization’s culture so solutions stick.

Training and Workshops

Trainings are facilitated and project-based. Teams bring their toughest (real life) problems to facilitated sessions and learn how to deliver breakthrough solutions on-demand. During the training, our facilitators model the mindsets, behaviors, and beliefs of great problem-solvers while teaching a highly effective, structured methodology. Your employees learn through observation, mirroring, and traditional methods. They directly experience the mindsets, process and results of creating breakthroughs, which makes learning satisfying and relevant.

Workshops and speeches offer an environment through which we establish a common language and baseline understanding of our principles, tools, and techniques.


Certifications involve intense practical studies, applied to real-world problems that deliver significant ROI for parent organizations.