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Our new book, Safety Under Construction, is now published and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and by special order at any bookstore in 57 countries around the world.  Order now through us if the Amazon links are not up yet (503) 723-7392.

Want more information?  You can go to the following website to find more information and learn how to become involved: Below is a short blurb.

Although there are bright spots, the prevailing safety condition within the construction industry is bleak because people continue to be injured or killed in the workplace. The attitudes and hidden mindsets that manifest this condition are:
• Safety is seen to slow down and even interfere with production.
• People believe that everything that can be done is being done.
• Whew! We dodged a bullet that time; we know that can only work for so long.
• People behave strangely; don’t think ahead; don’t always do the right thing.
The fact of the matter is you can get to zero-harm if you approach the goal scientifically, systematically, using problem-solving skills, managing your contradictions, and persisting until you get what you want. This book offers new tools and introduces the behaviors and mindsets you need to solve the most confounded safety-related issues within your construction organization.

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