are you ready for diversity in the c-suite?

Have you said, "I want my rising stars to be in the business of doing business. We need a diverse pool of people training for leadership positions and with P&L responsibilities." That's great! In most companies the exact opposite happens. Too often, the stars a company paid premium to recruit, jumps off the fast track early in their careers (usually at that first supervisory level). See what others in different industries are doing to keep their critical talent satisfied and on track.
Lead the charge to change the status quo
You know that you are not developing enough women/minorities with the leadership skills to fill the feeder positions to CEO. You feel the pain of that every single day.
You are already working on the problem

You already have a leadership development program (maybe it’s not working as well as you want it to, but you are already working on the problem). You have a vision for where you want to go. You have boots on the ground and sweat in the game, but you haven’t built the legacy you intended to build … yet.

Move the needle up a notch
Using the current best practices that everyone else is using will get you only so far; and at reporting time, you're going to tell the same story everyone else is reporting - nothing new. Our specialty – our super power – is getting clients past the status quo results so they actually have real progress to report!  We’re not going to tell you the same old stuff. We don’t tell you what you already know. But if you haven’t built the legacy you intended to build … yet, then what you will learn in our initial conversation - just ONE thing - is a differentiator to move your programs up a notch or two.


"Employee disengagement costs employers a staggering £340 billion/yr in the UK. That’s enough to buy Google 3 times and still have £71 billion to spare!"

Did you know?

Diversity in the boardroom is a cold, hard cash benefit? Companies with a high representation of women board members significantly outperform those with no female director.

This is an entrenched problem
Even after intense focus on this issue for 20+ years, only 14.2% of the top 5 leadership positions in the S&P 500 are held by women?
How can we change that trend?
There are fewer than 25 female CEOs in the top 500 companies?
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Women are paid less than men for similar work

ALL studies say women on Wall Street and in corporate America are paid  about $0.78 on the dollar? 

A motivated workforce is good for business

Improves job satisfaction, reduces turnover and absenteeism rates, increases productivity, efficiency, and morale.

Highly engaged employees enjoy up to 26% higher revenue per employee and also earned 13% greater total returns to shareholders in the last 5 yrs (Research by US talent management software and services company Taleo).


So Good, They Can’t Be Ignored: Critical 60-Day Strategies For Women/Minorities Headed to the C-Suite (so they win the promotion wars & out-perform their peers)

When it's smart to think about getting help

To get real traction, this topic needs to be tied to boardroom-speak and the bottom line. There are a number of  interesting metrics that allow you to speak about your results in those terms.

A lot of our clients are wanting to have conversations with us because they are planning for the next big reporting event: quarterly earnings, reporting in front of the board, promotion events, job rotation openings, performance reviews for HR (or the training group), inclusion in the annual report or awards submissions.

When we talk with leaders involved with this issue, they have questions about timing and how much runway they might need to put together some projects like tweaking their Women's Leadership Program to move the needle before an award submission or putting together an executive retreat or, even better, putting together an internal executive round table on this topic. They are looking for some quick wins they want to get into our schedule - even for a brief sounding board perspective - in order to get some things done before their deadline.

We'd like to offer you the same perspective so you understand what kind of runway you need to put into your plans in the coming year - what is the lead time for planning these types of events.

Why it's important to us

The reason we’ve decided to focus on this topic is we have a "rainbow" family and we’ve watched many of our loved ones from their 20’s to their 60’s drop off the C-Suite career track. Now, I understand not everyone is suited for that kind of competitive and ambition-driven career, but they are generally leaving because after working through a few promotions, they lower their expectations about what was possible for them and were, therefore, less confident and less willing to take risks about career choices. And after looking around the world, this is a big trend that involves everyone and everywhere. We know… we’ve proven with our work… it doesn’t have to be that way. Current solutions for the problem just need to be tweaked bit and that's where innovation comes in.

Now we will always support our loved-one’s decisions totally, but… if they wanted to move up… we wanted to make sure that happened for our girls and for our diverse family. So that's why we got involved with this issue and why we are passionate about finally getting some movement forward.


If you are interested in participating in our next closed-door ERT on this subject, contact us (below). If you are a leader involved with this issue, and have questions about how to put together an internal executive round table on this topic, or want some quick wins so you want to get onto our schedule - even for a brief sounding board perspective - in order to get some things done before your important deadline, please give a quick summary in the form below.



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