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IMG_3347 Scott Burr, 

Principal Innovation Consultant and Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Scott Burr is co-founder and Principal Innovation Consultant for Innovation Scientific. He is a thought-leader for the emerging field of Structured Innovation and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Prior to joining Innovation Scientific, Scott worked at Space Systems/Loral (SS/L), a leading full-service satellite manufacturer. By leading the charge towards Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma in the high-reliability electronics manufacturing area, Scott oversaw productivity improvement by a factor of six over eight years. As key initiator, strategist, and team leader in this challenging environment and using culture integration strategies, Scott positioned the electronics assembly department at Space Systems/Loral to compete in a consolidating industry.

During his 25+ years of experience Scott held key positions in various industries such as Quality Manager at Rain Bird Consumer Products, Manager of Manufacturing at US Computer Systems, and Mechanical Engineer in the machine tool/robotics industry including stints in entrepreneurial start-ups and university laboratories. Throughout his career, his fascination with and devotion to the relationship between innovation, design, reliability, quality, manufacturing process performance and people has helped Mr. Burr improve financial performance as well as enhance corporate culture. His team and individual efforts have booked millions of dollars in savings and revenues for his clients and his companies.Scott has a rare blend of creative and technical capabilities. His passion is to create powerful insights and solutions that unleash leadership talent, leverage cutting-edge knowledge, integrate corporate culture, and provide a competitive advantage in innovation and productivity.

Mr. Burr actively volunteers for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME): Professional Development Chair for Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest Distict, Head Leadership Trainer, Local Programs Commitee Chair (Int’l). Scott began volunteering early in life serving a broad variety of non-profit organizations since age eleven.

Scott received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University; his Six Sigma Black Belt certification from the Juran Institute and his Six Sigma Master Black Belt from BMG.

His personal interests include medicinal nutrition and the ancient cultures of Hawaii. He travels frequently to the Big Island to advance his studies and to enjoy the natural beauty.


 Dayna Hubenthal,

Principal Innovation Consultant and Media & Research


Ms. Dayna Hubenthal’s approach to consulting is innovation-based, people-oriented and augmented by her research prowess. She has an extended liberal arts higher education (fifteen years of university level exploration in a wide variety of subjects). Dayna has a unique and naturally flexible mind which is able to see the world in fresh new ways. She can change paradigms and viewpoints with great ease and, therefore, can quickly see possibilities that others cannot. Dayna has a strong understanding of groups, people, and cultures and has used her understanding in Silicon Valley start-ups and high performance teams to foster mutual trust, diverse unity, and to expose hidden social & psychological drivers, even when she was not the acknowledged leader. Her gifts and understanding of human behavior is extraordinary.

As co-founder and Principal Innovation Consultant for Innovation Scientific, she is a thought-leader in the field of Structured Innovation and is evolving the art of innovation into a science. She is especially interested in applying her knowledge of innovation to the intersection of social dynamics, innovation and technology – especially the medical device and healthcare industries.

Dayna is passionate about bringing a scientific methodology of innovation to American businesses, government, and individuals in order to help retain American global leadership and innate pioneering spirit while improving our national integrity. She volunteers for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as well as other select organizations.

Many cultures interest her, especially the ancient cultures of Hawaii. Dayna enjoys discovering archetypal patterns and subtle differences throughout societies past and present. She is fascinated by great human achievements and by how change propagates throughout a system.
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